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[!important] The future of Gravity
Topic Started: 3 May 2016, 08:05 AM (345 Views)
Hi all,

Over the past few months, the regulars amongst you may have noticed the discussion element of Gravity stagnating. As Scott outlined in his evaluation of Gravity, whilst we had wonderful features, great members, and quality topics at the beginning, over time, with a lack of focus on what we wanted to be, and the slow decline of the Democratic system, Gravity began to fail. This was especially prominent as Scott stepped down, and I took over, and I have to admit that I haven't been the greatest leader for us, regardless of how passionate I was for Gravity to succeed.

However, I believe this is the moment to change our direction and re-invent Gravity as the community we always wanted it to be. After some detailed discussion and analysis of statistics, we have come to realise that there is only one thing that nearly every person here enjoys in some form: gaming. Now we understand that this is already an "oversaturated genre" as one person put it, but we felt that a community focused on a specific theme is nevertheless easier to market than what we currently have.

So who exactly is involved, and what is going to happen? The leadership team will consist of Scott (Ferby), who will take control of all aspects of the board, and he will be assisted by James (me) and Owen, whom some of you might recognise from the Skype chat group. Kieran will continue to be our benevolent benefactor and advisor. Our plan is of course to focus on gaming, and that means some radical change needs to occur. In one week's time, Gravity will be shut for maintenance whilst the staff team begins work on all aspects of the board which need refining, and will likely remain shut until around August to October. The timeframe may seem long, but with each of us having a busy schedule, and a lot of work needing to be done, there will in fact be no leisure days, particularly as we intend to discuss every extraneous aspect and ensure that we no longer have the bloated feature aspect that the previous Gravity suffered with.

Now this is a lengthy time to wait, so please do not hesitate to contact us via our Skype group, and feel free to direct any queries you may have to one of the leadership team. Whilst we have no intention of removing all of our old topics straight away, and they will most likely go into a semi-permanent storage mode, it is worth noting that if you require anything you will not be able to access when Gravity goes into maintenance mode, you may wish to retrieve it beforehand.

- James Adams (The)
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I think it's important to reassure people that this is a step in the right direction. If you have read my evaluation report then you have some idea of what we have planned for Gravity. This new theme of gaming will give us a more achievable target audience to market to and hopefully a larger community for us to be apart of. With a larger community we can take a keen interest in keeping your voice alive and ensuring we remain as community oriented as we've always been. James and myself will be keeping a close eye on that.

This will take time, as laid out. I will not lie when I say features will be scrapped and Gravity will be rebooted to a state which not only appeals to the new target audience but appeals to the members who have been here all along. The new features will be carefully designed, developed, implemented, and tested/evaluated to ensure that they fit in well with the site. I have personally learnt from experience that features alone will not bring in members and it's for this reason why I've made the executive decision to scrap the Pokémon system we have here on Gravity already. I may find a way to compensate those who lost many Pokémon but that's not a promise.

As always, we are available on the Skype group and we regularly talk (CCM probably talks too much...) so we're not far if you get home-sick and want to say hey! I look forward to speaking to many of you :)
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But really, we are already starting to plan what will be going ahead when we reopen and its looking like its going in the right direction. If anyone has any suggestions please don't hesitate to send one of the people James mentioned (Owen, Scott, James, Kieran) over Skype.

PS - CCM if you suggest catgirls I will gut you
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3 May 2016, 08:05 AM
In one week's time, Gravity will be shut for maintenance whilst the staff team begins work on all aspects of the board which need refining, and will likely remain shut until around August to October.
Well, I guess it's a good thing that I decided to check on Gravity when I did. :blush:

Where should I begin? I mean, it feels like a really long time since I've spoken to any of you (except for James of course) and it really has been (in my eyes anyway).

The reason for this is quite simple: I've been busy. (Wow, if I had a penny every time I said that...). I left Gravity a couple of months ago (and similary the Skype group) beause I felt that I was simply too busy to give it the level of commitment I thought it deserved. Additionally, when I felt discussion on Gravity starting to wane (it wasn't the first time), I just kind of started to lose the motivation I had before. I thought, what was the point of dedicating myself to Gravity when it would just keep failing. This, coupled with a lack of time to do anything fancy for my send off, led to me leaving quietly and probably raised a few questions as to where I've gone.

You have to understand where I'm coming from. Ever since I've been a member of Gravity, and The Nerd Domain before that, I've always liked to think of myself an active member. However, when a person has done as much as I've done for Gravity and TND, it gets pretty frustrating at times when you think that nobody appreciates what you've done and that it's all a waste of time. (Scott should understand this). Despite coming close to leaving a few times, I managed to convince myself to stay. However, there comes a time when enough was enough, and that was when I decided to leave for good. Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to sound like a bitch, both Gravity & TND were great, but they didn't really go anywhere. I'm sure Scott would like to argue that we gained a great community, made new friends, learned a great deal, etc. And I agree wholeheartedly. But as a general discussion forum, we failed.

Which is why I think that this decision to restart Gravity as a forum which focuses on a specific theme instead of being a general discussion forum is the right and necessary thing to do. As Scott and James have said before me, Gravity's members were few but with varied interests. Too varied. We were too spread out and didn't have too much in common, which lead to a lack of discussion for certain topics and threads. We didn't have an aim as to what we wanted to be.

Also, there were other general discussion forums out there, more experienced and prepared than we were, of which some of our members were already part of, and it just lead to a dilemma. Why would they post here when they had another general discussion forum with more members with similar interests to be a part of? It would be hard to convince them to spend their time here instead of there.

There are other gaming forums out there too, also older and with a good core of members at its base. It will be tough for us to seperate ourselves from the rest and convince people to spend their time here instead of there. And it is a challenge not easily conquered. For that, I wish all of you the best of luck as however much I would like to be part of this new project (and trust me, I really do), it has come during the most unfortunate of times for me. I just can't dedicate myself to this project. It's not because I think it would fail, but because I do not have the time for it. I'm sorry, but wherever Gravity goes after this, it has to go without me.
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