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[!important] The future of Gravity

Posted by The (Named Director) at 3 May 2016, 08:05 AM. 3 comments

Hi all,

Over the past few months, the regulars amongst you may have noticed the discussion element of Gravity stagnating. As Scott outlined in his evaluation of Gravity, whilst we had wonderful features, great members, and quality topics at the beginning, over time, with a lack of focus on what we wanted to be, and the slow decline of the Democratic system, Gravity began to fail. This was especially prominent as Scott stepped down, and I took over, and I have to admit that I haven't been the greatest leader for us, regardless of how passionate I was for Gravity to succeed.

However, I believe this is the moment to change our direction and re-invent Gravity as the community we always wanted it to be. After some detailed discussion and analysis of statistics, we have come to realise that there is only one thing that nearly every person here enjoys in some form: gaming. Now we understand that this is already an "oversaturated genre" as one person put it, but we felt that a community focused on a specific theme is nevertheless easier to market than what we currently have.

So who exactly is involved, and what is going to happen? The leadership team will consist of Scott (Ferby), who will take control of all aspects of the board, and he will be assisted by James (me) and Owen, whom some of you might recognise from the Skype chat group. Kieran will continue to be our benevolent benefactor and advisor. Our plan is of course to focus on gaming, and that means some radical change needs to occur. In one week's time, Gravity will be shut for maintenance whilst the staff team begins work on all aspects of the board which need refining, and will likely remain shut until around August to October. The timeframe may seem long, but with each of us having a busy schedule, and a lot of work needing to be done, there will in fact be no leisure days, particularly as we intend to discuss every extraneous aspect and ensure that we no longer have the bloated feature aspect that the previous Gravity suffered with.

Now this is a lengthy time to wait, so please do not hesitate to contact us via our Skype group, and feel free to direct any queries you may have to one of the leadership team. Whilst we have no intention of removing all of our old topics straight away, and they will most likely go into a semi-permanent storage mode, it is worth noting that if you require anything you will not be able to access when Gravity goes into maintenance mode, you may wish to retrieve it beforehand.

- James Adams (The)


Posted by The (Named Director) at 18 Jan 2016, 06:18 PM. 6 comments

Hi all,

There is currently an issue pertaining to the Dynamo modification that Gravity uses. Unfortunately there isn't anything that we as a board can do about it - the issue is an error within the coding itself. As we receive updates on this, we'll in turn update you.

My apologies on this,


[!important] Ownership Change

Posted by Ferby (Named Director) at 17 Nov 2015, 07:32 PM. 8 comments

[justify]Hi all,

A week ago I decided to make steps to resign as Owner (refer to article 1.9 of our constitution). This meant that I would contact ZetaBoards support, requesting that the root admin account (also known as the owner account, AKA my account) be transferred to James (The). I would still have access to the account but by owner abilities (deletion and permanent admin access mainly) would be stripped of me and James would receive these instead. At the time I intended to leave Gravity Forum permanently but after some discussion with Owen and James I decided I will stay on as Developer to maintain and continue development of our unique systems and features as finding a new developer who would be both willing and capable would be a near-impossible task.

What this essentially means is that I will no longer hold any sort of authority, and this includes over the Skype group (for those who don't agree with my moderation style). Gravity Forum is a reboot of a previous community we had that myself and Kieran were owners of, but the reboot had the purpose of leaving the administration, management, and decision making to someone who was democratically elected by the community rather than myself as simply I cannot handle the stress and responsibility of catering to a community.

Staff members have been notified about this but plans are moving faster than I had originally planned (this is intentional). The reason behind this resignation is simple: I no longer feel up to the standard required of me as an owner and wish to contribute to the community by the way I originally intended: as a developer. Despite whatever state Gravity Forum will be in the future, I will no longer be in the position of power. I believe James is not only suitable for this position but I believe he will respect and represent the community better than I ever could.

Thanks for your support :)
- Scott Cummins (Ferby)[/justify]