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Board Rules
Last updated: 19th of September 2015

Gravity prides itself in being a community-ran discussion forum but to maintain that everyone remains happy and the community is peaceful, we do have some few rules that are in place. We do not enforce these rules to the maximum capacity because we believe that we shouldn't be moaning at people all the time, but we do reserve the right to act upon a rule breaking at any time. Below are some examples of what you can expect as a result of breaking a rule...

Gravity Forum is a democratically run community that has faith in Liberty and Democracy, and as such you should abide by our constitution as its purpose is to protect you and our democracy. However the administration has put these board rules in place to ensure that the community remains a peaceful and happy one as it's always been. We do not enforce these rules 100% of the time to ensure users do have liberty when they apart of our community, however we do reserve the right to act upon a rule break at any time. Below are examples of what you can expect when/if you break a rule...

  1. Fines & Citations
    For minor offences that are not considered serious enough to receive strong action, a fine/citation will be issued upon you. All fines are fixed at five percent. If you aren't able to afford to pay the fine/citation then a formal warning will be issued.

  2. Warnings
    A warning can be either an official one or a formal one. An official one is put on your record for future viewing but a formal warning is a personal PM sent by a member of staff to just warn you off what you're doing. A formal warning will not go on your record.

  3. Post Moderation
    This is the process of your account being put under moderation. A member of staff will have to review your every post to ensure it meets board guidelines. If so then the staff member will approve it but if not then it will be denied and you will be PM'd with what you did wrong.

  4. Post Blocking
    This is only used in the most serious of circumstances. You are denied your right to post on the board for a limited amount of time until we, as staff, have made the decision you have rehabilitated.

  5. Account Ban
    This is a permanent ban of the use/viewing of Gravity, this is only given out to spam bots and members with an outstanding offence record.

Moral and Posting Guidelines

  1. While profanity is allowed, please do not use extreme profanity or direct profanity at other users.
  2. The list that follows is that of what is not prohibited on this forum...

    • Discriminatory material of any kind. This includes racism, homophobia, islamophobia, sexism etc.
    • Inappropriate behaviour towards a member of staff or another member of Gravity.
    • Posting private, copyrighted or indecent content such as nude photos, private conversations or illegal pirate downloads.
    • Short & useless posts (spam). We advise six words minimum.
    • Personal details of yourself or another person, such as IP addresses, emails, passwords, IM usernames, telephone numbers etc. If you wish to share your own details then please use the private messaging service.
    • Sharing hyper-links which may be misleading such as ones directed to pornography, illegal websites, screamers (or other pranks), videos etc.
    • Posts that purely advertise another website, service, forum (etc). Please use our services for this.
  3. Because of users with smaller resolutions, we restrict images in posts to be a maximum width of 680px. Any larger images will be automatically resized.
  4. Post in the appropriate sections/forums. If your topic is posted in the wrong one then it may be moved. If you're unsure which is the right sections then feel free to contact a member of staff.
  5. Users are only allowed one account per person on Gravity. If we discover that you have created an account to avoid punishment then you may face more serious consequences
  6. Only users aged over 13 may register on this forum. This is to abide by the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act. Any user found under this age will be subjected account termination.

Signature & Avatar Guidelines
As a member of the forum, you have to use an avatar & a signature with your account. These are used for expressing yourself and showing off your personality to what you want it to be. Here are the guidelines...
  • Your avatar cannot be more than 150 by 150 pixels in size. To enforce this, the forum will automatically resize your avatar.
  • Your signature is limited to 300 pixels in height. Any signatures over this height will automatically have a scroll bar added.
  • If we believe your signature is inappropriate or have strong negative views against it we may request you change your signature.

Topic Bumping Rules
To restrict members continuous posting we restrict members to double posting once every 12 hours. Posting twice in a topic before the 12 hours then the topic will be bumped but you won't receive any Credits or a post to your post count.